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Parowan Valley water rights are in Area 75 and from the same source for underground water.

Purchase Parowan Valley Water Rights:
We will try and make this process as easy as possible.

What is available? For a limited time we are selling 0.45 acre feet of Area 75 and Parowan Valley water rights. 1916 priority date water right for Domestic use (inside home), with Division of Water Rights. This amount of water right meets the State requirement for the construction of a home. It has a recently approved change application with the Utah State Division of Water Right.
This 0.45 acre feet of water right is enough to serve your family home needs, domestic use only. Parowan Valley water right sales are limited to one family home use only. Helping to ensure your family and others water needs in the future. Protecting your family investment and essential water resource for a long time to come.

Parowan Valley Water Rights #75-2171 is of early priority date (1916) and in good standing with the Division of Water Rights.

Price: $15,000.00

How: We will use the services of Inwest Title Services, a Cedar City title company to transfer title from us to you. Inwest Title Services offers great service and we have been working with them for several years now.

Instructions: How to purchase water rights

Process: When you are ready to proceed with your purchase, you may contact us for more details. Mention this website/code PVW45 and we will pay basic closing costs, recording and transfer fees. Title insurance is available but costs are extra and will be paid by you as additional expense to title company or insurance carrier. Your purchase information will be needed and an appointment to arrange for your earnest money deposit of $250.00 and Buyer agreement signing. Then, Inwest Title Services will arrange for transfer documents to be prepared. They will call you for deposit of additional funds and we will sign the documents transferring title to you and for closing of the transaction. Inwest Title Services will have the documents recorded at the Iron County Recorder and Division of Water Right will receive a Report of Water Right Conveyance. You will be the rightful owner of Parowan Valley water right in the State of Utah. Closing should take place within 3 to 14 days from date of your deposit of earnest money and agreement signing. That is about as easy as it gets to own Parowan Valley water rights in the State of Utah.

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